Purchase printed maps of aerial photography with a selection of additional layers designed specifically to complement the photo base. The most current imagery available was flown in July 2018. Imagery dating back to 1993 is available at various resolutions. Maps can be scaled to fit your area of interest and have a 34" x 34" image area on a 36" x 44" page.

Digital imagery files are available to work with your Geographic Information System and raster image software. Our most recent aerial photos, from July 2018, are available by the section (1 square mile) and available in 6" resolution. Imagery from previous years are available on request, and resolution varies by year.  2014 imagery is available at 3" resolution and is available by the quarter section (1/4 square mile).

Whether your roots in the region run generations deep or you moved to Oregon last week, you have your own reasons for loving this place – and Metro wants to keep it that way. Help shape the future of the greater Portland region and discover tools, services and places that make life better today.

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